Automatic Utility Payments

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An automatic withdrawal from your bank account is just one of many ways to pay your City of Kent utility bill.  

To begin this process you will first need to obtain a Request Form (60KB PDF) from the City of Kent.

  • Completed forms may be submitted by mail to City of Kent Customer Service, 220 4th Avenue S, Kent, WA 98032 or in person at 400 West Gowe St., Suite 122, Kent, WA  98032
  • The form must be received prior to the 24th of the month for your payment to be automatically withdrawn from your account the following month
  • If your next utility bill does not state, "will be withdrawn from your bank," we were unable to process your application in time for that cycle and you will need to pay the traditional way for one additional month
  • How much does automatic withdrawal cost?

    Nothing, the City of Kent does not charge for this service.
  • Will I still see a statement of my account each month?

    The City will send you your normal utility statement. This statement will inform you of the amount that will be withdrawn from your checking account.
  • When does the withdrawal occur?

    The payment will be withdrawn from your checking account on the 15th of the month unless the 15th falls on a weekend. If so, the withdrawal will occur on the following Monday.
  • How can I be sure my bill has been paid?

    Each payment will be clearly identified on your checking account statement from your bank, savings and loan or credit union. Additionally, each utility statement you receive will reflect the prior month's payment.
  • What if I want to quit the automatic payment process?

    Call or write the Customer Service department and let them know that you would like to stop the automatic bill payment process. Remember, there may be timing issues depending on what time of the month you notify us.
  • What if the funds are not in my bank account for withdrawal?

    In addition to the bank overdraft charge, we charge $25.00 for an insufficient funds notice on your account. The automatic payment agreement will also be cancelled.