How to adopt a street

 Adopt Me sign

What does it mean to become an Adopt-a-Street adopter?

Joining the Adopt-a-Street program is easy and fun! Individuals, businesses, schools, clubs, churches, and organizations can help keep Kent clean by participating as an adopter. As an Adopt-a-Street adopter you agree to:

  • Adopt a designated area for a two year period
  • Remove litter along your designated street (up to one mile)
  • Pledge to complete a minimum of four cleanups annually

Along with the Adopt-a-Street supplies and free pick up of collected bags, official Adopt-a-Street signs are awarded (and posted) for individuals and groups that fulfill the roll of becoming an adopter. In order to earn your sign, adopters must:

  • Have successfully completed their first clean up, and
  • Have a second clean up scheduled with us

Once the requirements have been met, we will then post your sign with your name or acronym at one end of the section of street you are responsible for and it will remain there for the duration of your period of service.

How do I apply?

  1. Start by completing the Adopt-a-Street Application and indicate which section of street you would like to adopt, approximately how many people will be participating in your cleanups and submit it for review. 
  2. If approved, you will be asked to fill out the Adopt-a-Street Agreement Form.  Once completed, please either mail it in to the address indicated or scan and email it to the Adopt-a-Street Coordinator.
    Please note: The Adopt-a-Street Agreement does not legally obligate you to do anything.  This written Agreement will only be used as guidelines on how to best participate in the program as well as be used to determine which volunteers qualify for support such as equipment, liability insurance, and disposal assistance.

Preparing for your event

  1.  Select a date that works best for your group. 
  2. Procure valid liability insurance (as stated in the Agreement Form, #15).
  3. Watch the Adopt-A-Highway Safety Video and share the link with each volunteer in your group.
  4. Review the Volunteer Activity Roster and Volunteer Waiver & Hold Harmless Agreement.
  5. Please contact us 2 weeks prior to your scheduled cleanup to coordinate your supply pick up. Supplies consist of litter bags, gloves, litter grabbers, safety vests, marker flags, traffic control sign (if needed) and a Volunteer Activity Roster.

During the event

  1. BE SAFE. 
  2. Have volunteers sign and print their names on the Volunteer Activity Roster so they are covered under the Volunteer Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement as well as your procured liability insurance.
  3. Pass out safety vests, litter grabbers, garbage bags and gloves.
  4. Have fun!

After your cleanup

  1. Collect all borrowed supplies and coordinate a time to drop them off with the Adopt-a-Street Coordinator.
  2. Complete the Volunteer Activity Report and submit along with the Volunteer Activity Roster to the Adopt-a-Street Coordinator.
  3. If you need assistance disposing of the bags collected, please indicate the approximate location on the Activity Report and we will send out a crew to collect them.  


Please call Tony Donati at 253-856-5589 or email for more information.