View Criminal Activity in Kent

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What is is an online tool that combines the value of police data with Google-based mapping. It allows the public to see criminal activity near an address, neighborhood, or in a section of the city plotted on a map. The public may also sign up to receive free email alerts based on user-defined parameters such as geography, crime types, frequency, date, etc. obtains information from actual Kent Police incident reports uploaded from Kent's records management system. Officers submit approximately 16,000 case reports per year generated from an estimated 91,000 calls for service.

When I locate an incident in, what information is available?

When a crime pops up on the map, the following information is made available for you to see:

  • Case number - this number is electronically generated by Kent's records management system and is catalogued by this number in the system. The event number consists of numeric characters. For example, 12-001 - the "12" stands for the year 2012 and the "001" is the event number which the case is catalogued under for that year.
  • Date & time - this is the date and time that the event occurred. For example, 2012-03-14 1930 - the event occurred on March 14, 2012 at 7:30pm.
  • Event location - translates address data into block level data. This means that if an incident occurs at 123 Central Avenue South, it will show up in as 100 block Central Avenue South. You will see "address could not be mapped" for locations that were not processed accurately.

How often is data updated in

Data is automatically updated once per day. Six months of data is available online. Active cases or cases under investigation are not included.

How can I use the data from in support of safety in my neighborhood and community?

Data from can be reviewed and used to improve community safety. The data should be utilized as part of a coordinated crime prevention effort. Contact your sector Public Education Specialist with questions or if you need additional information about the data you see.

If I find an event and have additional information to provide to the police, what do I do?

Information provided within is intended for the expressed purpose of educating the public on police activity in Kent. Beyond that intended outcome, the police department asks that if you have additional information that would help assist officers in solving a crime, please call 253-856-5800. As always, if you are calling about an incident in-progress, please call 911.

Remember that what you see on are actual case reports filed in the records management system and NOT calls for service. This is not the same information. For example, if you called 911 to report suspicious activity, you may not see it on if it did not generate a case report. As always,  please contact your Community Education Coordinator at 253-856-5883 or e-mail for any follow up information.