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Hero Program

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Mobile Fitness and Recreation


Delivering Fitness and Fun!

An exciting, high energy mobile fitness and nutrition program that can enhance school health fairs, multicultural events and more.

Get Healthy....Get Strong....Get Moving when Hero delivers Fitness and Fun.


If you live in an apartment or mobile home site in Kent and would like the Hero program to be scheduled where you live, please have an authorized representative from the complex contact us at 253-856-5030 or





Exercise of the Month: Squats

Since April is, "Move more month," we're going to continue to do exercises that get us moving. This months exercise are squats. Standing with feet hip width apart, keeping back straight, bend knees and hips as if to sit down in a chair with arms out in front of you. Straighten back up and repeat.  

April foods of the month: Fresh Herbs and Spices/Salad Greens

Fresh herbs and spices are a nutritious, low-calorie, low-fat way to liven up all your dishes – soups, salads, proteins, veggies – add some herbs and spices to rev them up! Spices from the ground, such as ginger and garlic, are especially yummy in hot foods; leaf-based herbs such as basil, thyme, parsley, and rosemary go on almost everything! Try growing some yourself: start with basil or rosemary, which usually are easiest to grow, inside in a pot, or outside in the ground!

Salad greens are nutritious and fresh, and a good source of folate and vitamins K, A and C. Salad greens include cruciferous varieties such as kale, arugula, and swiss chard, as well as the common red and green leaf lettuce, romaine, butter lettuce, and spinach. Remember, the darker the lettuce leaf, the more nutritious the lettuce! Every day, fill up a plate with a variety of these salad greens, and top with other colorful fruits and veggies for a nutritious meal or side.

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