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Mobile Fitness and Recreation


Delivering Fitness and Fun!

An exciting, high energy mobile fitness and nutrition program that can enhance school health fairs, multicultural events and more.

Get Healthy....Get Strong....Get Moving when Hero delivers Fitness and Fun.


If you live in an apartment or mobile home site in Kent and would like the Hero program to be scheduled where you live, please have an authorized representative from the complex contact us at 253-856-5030 or





Exercise of the Month: Cardiovascular exercises (Ones that get your heart pounding)

Since February is, "Heart Health Month," we're going to do exercises that get our heart pumping. Cardiovascular exercises (a.k.a. Cardio) helps increase the strength of your heart and lungs. Cardio can help you improve your endurance during workouts as well. However the main reason people do cardio is to burn calories to help them lose weight. Now cardio doesn't mean just running, biking or swimming it can be a variety of activities from jumping rope, walking quickly, jumping jacks, etc.


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February's foods of the month: Oils and Good Fats/Water

Healthy oils and good fats are those that are, "unsaturated," and are found in healthy foods like extra virgin olive oil, avocados, nuts and oily fish like salmon. These oils have lots of antioxidants and vitamin E. They are good for our bodies and help keep our hearts healthy.

Our bodies are made up of about 50-65% water. Drinking water in the winter months instead of sugary drinks is especially important. During the winter months some people have a tendency to be less active because they don't go outside as much as they would during the spring, summer and fall. It's during the winter season that our bodies hang onto the sugars and fats longer than they would during the other seasons. How much water should you drink everyday? To figure this amount out it's pretty simple: take how much you weigh, divide that number in half and then convert that number to ounces. For example, if you weighed 100 pounds and then divide that in half to get 50 pounds, that person should drink a minimum of 50 ounces of water per day minimum. Each persons daily needs are different depending on their activities throughout the day.

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