Early Release Wednesday

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Early Release Wednesdays

Sign your K-6th grader up for our NEW ''Early Release Wednesdays'' programs!

We offer a 4-hour activity based curriculum that includes:

  • Team building group games
  • Creative art projects
  • Help with homework
  • Lots of fun activities and sports to keep their Wednesday afternoons busy and active
  • 50% scholarships available

Early Release Wednesday is offered at 4 schools:

  • Daniel Elementary
  • Emerald Park Elementary
  • Scenic Hill Elementary
  • Panther Lake Elementary

A registration form is required for each individual child; forms can be found in your school's main office or at Kent Commons (525 Fourth Avenue North). Fees must be paid prior to your child participating with scheduled payments possible, and scholarships available upon approval.

There is no program during conference days, holiday breaks or school-cancelled days. Call 253-856-5030 for more information.

For more information or to register online...