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Kent Creates is a community of imagination and inspiration for anyone who creates or seeks to be inspired by creativity. Kent Creates is a platform for artists, musicians, writers, crafters, illustrators, dancers, filmmakers, hobbyists, and other creatives to share their work and meet people with similar interests. Kent Creates is for the professional poet and for the amateur who writes short stories in the break room at lunch. Kent Creates is for people who make their living as musicians, and it is for people who are picking their high school instrument back up and putting together a band twenty years later. Kent Creates is for sharing creative work of all kinds – drawings, cartoons, recipes, do-it-yourself how-to videos, short films – anything you can dream up. Use your imagination. Get inspired. Kent Creates is for YOU! 


You can simply browse or, if you’d like to upload your own work to an open exhibit, create an account to get started. Uploaded art work will be reviewed and published weekly by Kent Arts Commission staff. After approval, your artwork will appear on the site. The Kent Arts Commission will vote on work entered for each exhibit after the closing date. The winners will receive awards and benefits as outlined in the specifics for each exhibit, and their work will appear in the featured carousel on the Kent Creates home page. 


Winners of the most recent exhibit on Kent Creates,  "Lighting up the Dark"

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Next Exhibit

KENT CREATES EXHIBIT: ON THE WATER OntheWaterImage_RyanChastain_MarinaSunset

Exhibit dates: April – June 2018

Deadline for submissions: June 30, 2018

Open to all mediums and projects 

One of the defining characteristics and significant benefits of living in the great Northwest is our access to and integral relationship with water. Water is all around us, from the Puget Sound, to our region’s many lakes and rivers, to the smallest streams and ponds. And water sets the stage for many of our personal recreational activities, family traditions, and community celebrations. 

What do you do “On the Water”… swimming, fishing, boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, riding ferries, or just relaxing on the shore? For this Kent Creates exhibit, the Kent Arts Commission encourages artists and creative minds to gain inspiration from water. 

The “On the Water” exhibit is open to any creative endeavor – photographs, paintings, poems, recipes, short films, songs, or stories – anything you can dream up.