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Community Garden Rules and Responsibilities

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Please adhere to the following RULES FOR GARDENERS in order to be eligible for early registration next year. Thank you.


  • Always lock the gate behind you when entering or leaving the garden, no matter how quick your trip. Report an inoperative lock to the Garden Coordinator at 253-856-5111.
  • Registered gardeners can get the lock code by calling 253-856-5111 or 253-856-5000.
  • Keep the gate locked. If you find it unlocked with no one coming or going, lock it.
  • Never open the gate for, or give the lock code to, non-gardeners.
  • Gardening at night is prohibited.
  • Always use tools properly and for their intended purpose.
  • Report broken tools to the Garden Coordinator at 253-856-5111.
  • Power tools are prohibited. No exceptions.
  • Always supervise children closely. Do not allow them to run, climb on anything, or throw anything.
  • All pets are prohibited. Do not bring any pets or animals into the garden.
  • NEVER leave children or animals unattended in a vehicle while gardening.
  • Keep the paths and common areas free of weeds, trash, tools, and debris.
  • Report theft, vandalism, or trespassing to the Garden Coordinator at 253-856-5111.
  • Call 9-1-1 for emergencies.


  • Keep your contact information up to date. Call 253-856-5111 or visit to update if it changes.
  • Attend the annual Community Garden Orientation.  
  • Support and take part in the volunteer Community Garden Leadership Group. Details at Orientation or call 253-856-5111.
  • Create and maintain paths with city-provided wood chips. All plots must be accessible by path.
  • Keep all plots separated by paths. Do not adjoin plots or remove any paths.
  • City-provided wood chips are ONLY for paths. Do not use them for any other purpose.
  • Gardeners must provide everything needed for their plot:  chips, mulch, stakes, poles, seeds, plants, fencing, netting, weed and pest control, etc.
  • Prepare and begin working your plot(s) no later than May 15.
  • Beginning May 23, unworked plots are considered abandoned and offered to the general public. No refunds will be issued.
  • Keep weeds controlled! Do not let your plot get overgrown.
  • Water ONLY inside your own plot. Prevent water running into nearby plots.
  • Sprinklers and soaker hoses are prohibited. Use watering cans or bring a hose nozzle to conserve water.
  • Do not shade neighboring plots.
  • Clean the shared tools after use and return them to the shed. Never remove the shared tools from the premises.
  • Keep the shed clean and organized.
  • Replenish the paths with city-provided wood chips as needed.
  • Any stored fencing not re-claimed by April 20 is considered abandoned and made available to active gardeners.
  • Clear everything out of your plot(s) no later than 2:00 p.m. on the last Sunday in October. This includes plant stalks, leftover produce/flowers, fencing, stakes, poles, weeds, twine, etc. Burlap, fabric, or plastic sheeting must be completely removed. Leaving debris in your plot(s) will result in loss of your pre-registration privileges.


  • Use ONLY organic gardening products and methods. Chemical herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or soil amendments, including non-organic Miracle-Gro® products, are not allowed. Check your product at before using it if unsure.
  • Use watering cans or bring a hose nozzle to conserve water. Sprinklers and soaker hoses are prohibited.
  • Do not plant invasive or noxious plants of any kind.
  • Never use tires or treated wood. They leach toxins into the soil.
  • Place only plant material in the yard waste bin. Do not put trash, meat or any processed food into it - pack it all out.
  • PACK OUT ALL TRASH, including unusable or unwanted fencing, frames & accessories. Do Not Use the Bishop's Storehouse dumpsters.
  • Never harm or trap any rabbits, birds, or other wildlife in the garden. Use fencing, pinwheels, decoys, etc. to deter them instead.


  • Be considerate, and practice safety in the garden.
  • Do not use crude, vulgar, or offensive language.
  • Tobacco in all forms is prohibited at all times.
  • Alcohol and other intoxicants, including cannabis, are prohibited from the premises at all times.
  • Cannabis cultivation is prohibited. No exceptions.
  • Use earphones, not speakers.
  • Do not let water run into neighboring plots.
  • Do not shade neighboring plots.
  • Harvest ONLY from your own plot(s).
  • Prevent spreading plants or vines from invading other plots.
  • Do not sell any crops or produce from the garden.
  • DO SHARE your extra bounty freely with family, friends and neighbors!
  • Donate extra food to the Kent Food Bank, to help others in our community.  Thank you.

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