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Let's Clean Kent, #1BagAtATime

The amount of litter we see on our streets, in our neighborhoods, parks, trails, and waterways is a real eye sore.  The City of Kent is asking its residents to take a stand against litter, #1BagAtATime.  This is an easy way  for individuals, students, friends, colleagues and families to come together, consider the impacts of our waste, and play a direct roll in immediate change. 

Short term progress is often the only way to achieve long-term, sustained change.  Investing your time and energy into cleaning our community often inspires one to get more involved in preventing litter, reducing waste, and rethinking what we consume and discard on a daily basis.


Simply take a bag each time you go for a walk or visit a park and collect one bag's worth of trash that has been littered or left 1 Bag Picbehind.  Just #1BagAtATime will save the lives of animals and beautify our city!

Getting Started!

  1. Take one bag (any size) and fill it with littered trash.
  2. Take a picture of you with your bag of trash.
  3. Post your picture on social media with the hashtag: #1BagAtATime.
  4. Tag @KentPublicWorks, friends, and family on Facebook and challenge them to do the same!

The more people witnessing you and others in person or via social media making a small act for a better world, the more they will feel inspired to take action too!

What's in it for You?

When volunteers post their picture to Facebook with the #1BagAtATime hashtag, and tag @KentPublicWorks, friends and family participants will be selected at random to win a prize!  


For more details or questions please call 253-856-5589 or email.