Frequently Asked Questions

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Businesses and Jobs
Kent City Council
Parks, Recreation and Human Services
Police, Crime and Code Enforcement
Traffic, Roads and Construction 

Businesses and Jobs 

Do I need a business license to do business in Kent? 

All businesses operating in Kent are required to obtain a City Business License. You can learn more about business licenses, get applications and the current fee schedule at

Businesses obtaining a license for the first time are also required to register with the City for Business and Occupation Tax purposes. 

How do I apply for a job at the City of Kent? 

Visit our Jobs page – – to see what positions are available, subscribe to job alerts and submit your resume online.  

Kent City Council 

When does the Kent City Council meet? 

The Council meets the first and third Tuesday of each month, except for December when they meet on the second Tuesday of the month. All meetings except the first Tuesday in August (National Night Out) and the first Tuesday in November (Election Day) begin at 7 p.m. Those meetings begin at 5 p.m. 

If I can’t attend a Kent City Council meeting, can I watch it somewhere? 

Yes, Kent City Council meetings are streamed live on YouTube at The meetings are also recorded and posted to our website the day following the meeting. You can access past meetings online here.

Where can I access the meeting agenda and agenda packet? 

Those documents are accessible here

Who serves on the Kent City Council and where can I learn more about them? 

The Kent City Council is made up of seven members, including one member selected to serve as Council President. You can read more about our current Councilmembers at

How can I reach Kent City Council? 

You can email the full Council at or call them at 253-856-5712.


How do I learn more about becoming a U.S. citizen? 

You can get more information about U.S. citizenship from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website

How do I apply for a U.S. passport? 

You can get more information about applying for a U.S. passport from the U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs

Do I have to license my cat or dog in the City of Kent? 

Yes, cats and dogs are required to be licensed in the City of Kent. Visit to learn more about licensing your pet, including the benefits of having a pet license, the fee schedule, and how your license fees are used to care for animals in the community. 

How can I learn more about the Neighborhood Program? What are the benefits? 

We have a very active neighborhood program, which provides a direct connection between Kent neighborhoods and City government. Learn more about the program at or contact Toni Azzola at

I want to contact someone at the City. Where can I find department phone numbers? 

You can find our directory, sorted by department, here

What volunteer opportunities are available at the City? 

The City has a number of great volunteer opportunities available. Here are a few options.

 Adopt-A-Street and Adopt-A-Spot

  • Boards and Commission
  • Senior Activity Center Volunteer Opportunities
  • VIPS: Volunteers in Police Service
  • Kent4Health Volunteer Opportunities
  • TeamUp2CleanUp 

Learn more about them here

Where do I find information about school closures and delays? 

The Kent School District and other school districts serving Kent students typically post their schedules, including closures and delays, on their websites and social media platforms. Here are links to several local school districts:

Kent School District

Federal Way Public Schools

Auburn School District

Renton School District

Where can I renew/apply for a passport?

Where can I obtain a copy of a birth/death/marriage certificate? 

When is the King County DUI Victim’s Panel in Kent? 

Where can I have a full background check done? 

Who can I talk to about property taxes? 

How/where do I file a small claim? 

How do I obtain a restraining order?

Parks, Recreation and Human Services 

Can you use metal detectors in the parks?

Yes. Don’t dig down more than a few inches and you must refill the hole/replace the divot.

Can we bring our own grill to the park?

Yes, personal grills are allowed. Where permanent grills are installed, we prefer those are used but don’t mandate it. Be considerate of other park users.

How much does the Lake Meridian boat launch cost? Is there an annual pass? Is there a senior discount?

$5/day to use. Annual pass is $50. No senior discount. Use daily machine on site or buy pass at Kent Commons.

Can we have a bounce house at our outdoor park rental event?

Yes, with an approved permit, insurance and fee. Contact Kent Commons.

Can we serve alcoholic drinks at our indoor/outdoor park rental event?

Maybe. Requires an approved permit, insurance and fee. Contact Kent Commons.

Can we fly drones/hobby airplanes/hobby helicopters in the parks?

Yes, within the bounds of safety, courtesy and common sense - don’t annoy, harass, pursue, photograph or intrude in any way on other park users (incl. their children/family, possessions, vehicles and pets) with the drone.

Can we have a plaque or other memorial object put on a rock/bench/elsewhere in a park?

Yes, approved, privately purchased plaques can be installed. Contact Parks Planning & Development for details. 

There are homeless people/transients/squatters/suspicious people or activities in the park or trail.

Depending on urgency call 911 or KPD non-emergency line at 253-852-2121, it’s a law enforcement issue. Parks Maintenance coordinates with KPD on these sites but does not do sweeps or enforce the law, just site clean-up.

There’s trash/something’s damaged at {Location}.

If it’s in a city park or the Green River or Interurban Trail, report at,, or to Parks Maintenance. If Soos Creek Trail, call King County Parks.

There’s a construction detour for major road or river levee work. When will the Green River/Interurban Trail re-open?

Contact Public Works Engineering Construction division at 253-856-5500.

There are overgrown/damaged trees/bushes/plants at {Location}.

If it’s in a city park or the Green River or Interurban Trail, report at,, or to Parks Maintenance. If Soos Creek Trail, call King County Parks.

Traffic, Roads and Construction 

How do I sign up for Kent traffic alerts? 

Go to and sign up for Drive Kent alerts in the Public Works menu. You can also click here to see Traffic Advisories on our website

Where can I get more information about King County roads and construction? 

Visit King County’s My Commute page for road alerts or follow them on Twitter ( 

Where can I learn more about Washington State roads and traffic? 

Visit Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) online. 

Where can I get more information on construction projects? 

You can find a list of current and future construction projects at

How do I report a pothole? 

You can report potholes at our City of Kent Customer Support Center online, choose “pothole” and enter the requested information. 


Police, Crime and Code Enforcement 

How do I file a police report online? 

You can report the following crimes online: 

For more information on filing a police report online, visit

When do I call 911 versus the non-emergency number, 253-852-2121? 

Visit for a thorough explanation of when to call 911 versus the non-emergency number as well as some tips on how and what to report. 

I received a photo enforcement ticket in the mail. What do I do now? 

Visit our page for a complete list of options.  

 Voting and Elections 

How do I register to vote? 

You can register to vote with King County Elections online, by mail or in-person. Visit for details and deadlines. 

How do I find election results? 

King County Elections tracks and reports all election results at

How do I learn more about ballot measures or candidates? 

Visit for ballot measures and candidate information for the upcoming election. 

I didn’t receive my ballot or voter’s guide. What do I do? 

Ballots, envelopes and voter guides are mailed about 20 days prior to each election, if you are a registered voter. If you do not receive them, you can contact King County Elections at or 206-296-VOTE (8683).