Staff Directory

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Bowmer, KylePrinting Multimedia CoordInformation Technology253-856-4600
Belle, PatriciaMulti Media ManagerInformation Technology253-856-4600
Beagle, ChrisNetwork EngineerInformation Technology253-856-4600
Bishop, MargaretNetwork EngineerInformation Technology253-856-4600
Busik, TylerCustodial LeadParks Rec & Community Srvs253-856-5100
Benson, JamesMaintenance Worker 3Parks Rec & Community Srvs253-856-5100
Brown, LisaCustodianParks Rec & Community Srvs253-856-5100
Barker, AdamMaintenance Worker 4Parks Rec & Community Srvs253-856-5100
Brundage, MichaelMaintenance Worker 4Parks Rec & Community Srvs253-856-5100
Brown, RobertMaintenance Worker 2Parks Rec & Community Srvs253-856-5100
BowmanBidman, CalleenParks Program Assistant IIParks Rec & Community Srvs253-856-5100
Billerbeck, RondaParks Facility/Program ManagerParks Rec & Community Srvs253-856-5100
Bartlemay, MollyCentral Financial AnalystFinance253-856-5200
Brennecke, LavinaAccounting and Reporting MgrFinance253-856-5264
Bartlemay, JosephCash and Investment OfficerFinance253-856-5264
Bonsteel, HayleyLong Range Planning ManagerEconomic & Community Dev253-856-5454
Biesman, DavidOffice Technician 3Economic & Community Dev253-856-5454
Butsick, DanielleSenior PlannerEconomic & Community Dev253-856-5454
Ball, KatiePlans ExaminerEconomic & Community Dev253-856-5454
Blincoe, DanielPlannerEconomic & Community Dev253-856-5454
Blubaugh, MichellePermit TechnicianEconomic & Community Dev253-856-5454
Bylin, RhondaPlanning Admin SupervisorEconomic & Community Dev253-856-5454
Bryant, JasonCapital Projects AdministratorPublic Works253-856-5500
Brackett, HeathGIS CoordinatorPublic Works253-856-5500
Brown Jr, RobertTransportation Engineering MgrPublic Works253-856-5500