2018 Resident Survey

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Survey will relaunch late November/early December 2018.

SURVEY UPDATE:  Thanks to the residents who have contacted us to let us know there was a problem with the survey that went live last week. We appreciate your bringing the issues to our attention.

Unfortunately, the vendor we hired to conduct the survey encountered a number of unexpected problems, so we have asked them to take the survey down. They are correcting those issues now. We will let you know when the survey is live again, most likely after Thanksgiving.

Thanks, in advance, for your patience and understanding. We hope you will take the time to complete the survey when it is reposted. Your feedback about the city and city services is important to us. 

NOTE: If you have already taken the survey, your answers have been saved and will be included in the survey results.

The City of Kent will conduct an important survey in late November/early December to ask residents questions about City services including public safety, roads, parks and more. Resident answers, which will be anonymous, will help us better understand how residents feel about Kent as a place to live as we strive to meet the current and future needs of Kent residents. The City completed a similar survey in 2016.

What is the purpose of the 2018 resident survey?

Results from the 2018 survey will be used to:

  • Solicit feedback from the community to identify priorities and unmet needs of residents
  • Measure perceptions about City services
  • Encourage development of positive relationships between the City and its residents
  • Reinforce positive community activities
  • The outcomes can also be used to identify resident priorities and as part of the City’s budgeting and planning process.

A sampling of Kent residents, who are randomly selected, will receive an invitation letter in the mail. They can then complete the survey online or by phone, following the instructions in the invitation. All surveys must be completed by November 15, 2018. The survey will be hosted and managed by Northwest Research Group, an independent research firm. 

Who is Northwest Research Group?

Northwest Research Group is a full-service research firm that is working with the UW to support this research study. Northwest Research Group has extensive experience with transportation research and has worked with on many transportation surveys locally as well as across the country. Northwest Research Group is based in Edmonds.

Northwest Research Group is hosting the survey on their secure servers to maintain respondent confidentiality. All work is conducted in accordance with ISO 20252—Market Research Standards. Northwest Research Group is a member of the Insights Association (formerly CASRO) and is bound by their strict business and ethical guidelines.

Why was I selected?

A sample of approximately 15,000 residents of Kent was randomly selected. Northwest Research Group drew the sample. Your survey responses are kept completely separate from any individual data that would identify you personally, such as your email address, address, phone, etc. Northwest Research Group has strict data confidentiality and security standards.

The CASRO Code of Ethics states:

Since individuals who are interviewed are the lifeblood of the survey research industry, it is essential that survey research organizations be responsible for protecting from disclosure to third parties--including clients and members of the public--the identity of individual respondents as well as respondent-identifiable information, unless the respondent expressly requests or permits such disclosure.

How can I give feedback if I wasn't selected as a survey respondent?

After the initial data collection period is complete, we will open up the survey to any Kent resident who wants to share feedback. In addition, you can share comments below.

Who do I contact if I need more information?

Dana Neuts, Communications Manager for the City of Kent, Dneuts@KentWA.gov or 253-856-5714

Who do I contact at Northwest Research Group if I need more information or the survey link does not work?

Nathan Wiggin, Project Director at Northwest Research Group, at nwiggin@nwresearchgroup.com or 206-489-2363.

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