Meet Me On Meeker

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The City of Kent is Re-Imagining Meeker Street

Meeker Street is named for Ezra Meeker, an early pioneer of Kent—the second oldest city in King County. An historic route in-and-out of Kent’s central business district, Meeker Street is the unofficial Main Street of Kent. Today it’s undergoing exciting transformations with new development. “Meet Me on Meeker” is an effort to update the corridor, complement new development, and better connect residents and businesses.


  • Improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists, residents, employees
  • Create a sense of place and distinctive identity
  • Connect visitors to the historic core
  • Support incoming new development



From Kent-Des Moines Rd/516 to Central Ave, thousands of Kent residents live, study, work, and play along Meeker Street. 

Meeker Overview Aerial Map-01


  • Better serve residents who use trails, recreation and public services;  children who walk to school; and patrons of local businesses on Meeker
  • Connect new development to the historic core of Downtown Kent
  • “Front door” to Kent for drivers from I-5 – a key gateway
  • Development is coming!
    • A better looking street encourages better development
    • Encouraging pedestrian and bicycle trips instead of vehicle trips helps combat congestion


  • Wider sidewalks
  • Pedestrian-scale lighting
  • Curb bulb outs (for pedestrians waiting at intersections)
  • Street trees
  • Separated, buffered bicycle path (connects Green River and Interurban trails)
  • Benches, bike racks, other street furniture

 Bird's Eye View of South Side of Meeker Concept

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 Section View (Cut-Through) of Meeker Concept (north side on left, south side on right)

Meeker Street Cross Sections_Page_1


  • Council backing
  • Grants
  • Redevelopment – leveraging private investment