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Identify Top and High Priority Target Issues (February-April) 

  • The City Council, Mayor and Administration usually meet in February or March of each year to review legal mandates and current operating and capital issues.
  • They update the strategic plan for the next year's budget as appropriate. 
  • The Mayor’s Leadership Team responds to the Council Strategic Goals for the prior year in the development of the current year budget.

Review Financial Forecast and Update Budget Process (April-May) 

  • Estimated actual revenue and expenditures are projected. 
  • The cost of providing the same level of service as the prior year is calculated and is then forecast and matched against projected future revenue. 
  • The resulting surplus identifies whether the upcoming budget process will be a status quo, program expansion or a budget cut process.

Capital Improvement Plan Review (June-August)

  • Previously adopted CIP plans are reviewed during this time, with updated Council priorities and available revenue.

Public Hearings (September, November)

  • Council holds open public hearings to receive public input for the next year's budget and Capital plans. 

Balance Operating & Capital Budgets (August-September) 

  • A detailed analysis of baseline budgets as well as detailed review of program expansion or cuts needed to bring the budget into balance is completed. 
  • Financial forecasts are updated by the Finance Department and the final proposed budget is recommended by the Mayor.
  • The Finance Department makes sure that the final funding recommendations for operating and capital budgets are balanced to the estimated revenues. 

Preliminary Budget Available (October - November) 

  • The Finance Department prepares the preliminary budget document balancing final revenue forecasts with expenditures. 
  • The preliminary printed budget is available on approximately November 1 of each year at the City Clerk's office, the Finance Department and the Library. 

Budget Adoption (November-December) 

  • The Mayor's proposed budget is transmitted to the Council. 
  • Council reviews the Mayor's proposed budget, holds public hearings and recommends any final adjustments they may deem necessary. 
  • The final balanced budget is adopted by City Council in November or December for the next year. 

Budget Adjustment Ordinance (December-March) 

  • The Finance Department summarizes all capital and operating budget adjustments Council has approved during the current year plus any additional adjustments into budget adjustment ordinances. 
  • All adjustments are adopted by Council as required by State law.