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Drainage Utility and Stormwater Management

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Stormwater... is the rain and melted snow/ice that falls onto our landscape and flows off of rooftops, streets, bare soils, and all other exposed surfaces. These surfaces can have pollutants on them (such as pet waste, dirt, litter, yard waste, chemicals, and auto fluids like oil and gas to name just a few) that will hitchhike with the stormwater as it travels, and then sadly if the Basic anatomy of a storm drainage systemstormwater is not treated, the pollutants end up in our ponds, creeks, lakes, rivers and eventually Puget Sound.

The City stormwater utility takes care of this runoff after it flows off private and public properties.  Below is a link to describe the City stormwater program and what we do.

See what our City stormwater program does for you! 

Stormwater is part of the water cycle, and as you know everything needs water, and good quality water. Polluted water is not drinkable, it can make us and other animals sick or worse, it smells bad, it looks bad, and we can't use it.

Pollution in stormwater affects... You!

This is why all of us must to do our part to keep pollutants stored, used, and dispose of properly so they don't end up in our water resources and environment.

Check out a 5 minute video What is stormwater and why is it important? by King County that explains stormwater and its effect on the area.

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Drainage Utility FeeCleaning a catch basin

Your utility fee goes toward minimizing and eliminating flooding and water pollution in Kent through the operation, inspection, and maintenance of:

Drainage Utility Rates:  

  • Residential customers are billed a flat rate. For property owners within the city limits, not receiving water and/or sewer service from the city,  storm drainage will be billed quarterly. Property owners who are outside of Kent's city limits will be billed with their property tax from King County.
  • Commercial storm drainage rates are based on property size, percentage of impervious surface, and the basin or basins in which the property is located.

 Link to Kent Utility Billing Webpage

Most cities and counties in Western Washington collect a storm drainage utility fee to help minimize flooding of streets and private properties, and assure the safe collection and discharge of stormwater in their jurisdiction.

Drainage Master Plan

The Drainage Master Plan for the city was adopted in November 2008. It addresses the current and future needs of the stormwater program, projects to reduce flooding on city streets, and repair and replacement of the system.    

City of Kent Surface Water Design Manual