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Inspector Roles and Responsibilities 

  • RHIP qualified inspectors are not contract employees for the City of Kent, but are private 3rd party inspectors who are hired by property owners.
  • RHIP qualified inspectors are qualified to conduct inspections for private property compliance with the City of Kent Rental Housing Inspection Program.
  • RHIP qualified inspectors are responsible for:
    • Keeping their required certifications up-to-date, attending the City’s annual RHIP inspector training, and registering with RHIPs’ online submittal system.
    • Conducting the initial and re-inspection of all selected units, common areas, and associated building exteriors.
    • Using the City’s current approved checklist when conducting RHIP inspections.
    • Using a significant amount of professional judgment when conducting inspections, as the checklist does not encompass every possible scenario. If uncertain about a determination, the inspector should contact the RHIP Coordinator for assistance on the determination.
    • Marking each inspection item as pass or fail, providing comments on the location and recommended resolution, obtaining required signatures, and attaching labeled pictures of each deficiency prior to submittal via the online system.
    • Submitting a completed checklist within 7-10 business days of the inspection date.
    • Closing out re-inspections using the online system. All deficiencies must be marked as compliant.Pictures of repairs (labeled) and all required re-inspection documents must be attached to the checklist prior to submitting for final review.
  • RHIP qualified inspectors are NOT required to assist their clients with the unit selection process or the permitting process, but are welcome to assist.

Helpful Tips: 

For initial inspection:

                        Submit 1 picture for ever deficiency that is called out.

                        Pictures must be correctly labeled

                                    (checklist number, building number, unit number) 1.1, bldg. AA, unit 201

                        Signatures can be signed on the paper version of the checklist and then uploaded into the online system.


    For Re-inspection:

                        Submit 1 picture of the repair for each deficiency that is being closed out.

                        Picture must be correctly labeled

                                    (checklist number, building number, unit number) 1.1, bldg. AA, unit 201

                        Re-inspections must be closed out via the online checklist, close out submitted over e-mail will not be reviewed.

Helpful Documents: 


Inspector Handbook 

Online system 

Having trouble with the online system? 

Call customer service at (630) 413-9511

Interested in becoming an RHIP inspector? 

A qualified rental housing inspector means a private inspector who has passed the RHIP inspection training course and possesses at least one of the following credentials:

  • American Association of Code Enforcement Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector certification;
  • International Code Council Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector certification;
  • International Code Council Residential Building Code Inspector;
  • Washington State licensed home inspector; or
  • Another acceptable credential the director establishes by rule.

Contact RHIP@KentWA.gov for information on our next training session.