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Bringing the World Home.


We’re Cultured. Our cultural affluency and the contributions of our diverse, cosmopolitan population are among our top competitive advantages. More than 130 languages are spoken in our primary schools, and our two colleges—Green River and Highline—are home to hundreds of international students.


We’re Budget-Friendly. With significantly lower housing prices than Seattle, and a diversity of housing choice, families and single professionals alike make their housing investment in Kent, whether coming here for their first back yard or buying a downtown condo next to bike trails and commuter rail.


We’re Centered in the Heart of it All. Minutes to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, with a predictable drive time, we’re the ideal location for your global headquarters. Looking for a regional hub instead? We’re right on the Amtrak line from Vancouver, British Columbia to Eugene, Oregon and the midway point on the Sounder line from Seattle and Tacoma.

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The Sky is No Limit.


We Know Opportunity. Kent is the economic engine powering the Puget Sound region. Kent serves as the center of government for South King County. Our manufacturing and distribution center is the 2nd largest on the west coast and ranks 4th in the nation. Meanwhile, residents from Seattle to Tacoma visit Kent’s revitalized downtown to shop, eat, catch a movie and play.

We Aspire Higher. When companies want to revolutionize their industry, they choose Kent. From the first can of Carnation Milk to Amazon’s development of its first fully-automated distribution center, Kent springboards industries forward. Why not shoot for the moon? The first lunar rover was developed here, and now, Blue Origin and Boeing are both taking aim at space tourism.

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 By the Numbers

Demographics and other interesting facts


 The Kent Industrial Valley is the fourth largest manufacturing and distribution area in the U.S.


 Kent is the sixth largest city in the state of Washington.


 The Kent Industrial Valley generates one-eighth of the state's GDP, totaling nearly $50 billion annually.


 Kent is just 18 miles from both Seattle and Tacoma.


 Almost a quarter of Kent residents over age 25 hold a bachelor's degree or higher. 


 Kent's median age hovers between 33 and 34 years old (2014).


 WalletHub ranked Kent the 38th most diverse city in the U.S. (2017). Read more.


 In 2010, Kent was home to more than 42,000 households.


By 2025, Kent expects to surpass 50,000 households.


More than 53,000 of Kent's residents are prime working age, between 25 and 55 years old (2014). 


 Kent's median household income tops $57,000 per year.


 More than 63,000 jobs are located within Kent's borders.


 As of 2017, nearly 130,000 people could call Kent "home."


 Parking at Kent Station is still free.

View more demographic information at Data USA by clicking the image below.