Katie Whaley, Coordinator

Rental Housing Inspection Program


Rental Housing Inspection and Registration

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Kent's rental housing inspection program will help ensure that rental homes in Kent are kept safe and healthy for their tenants.

  • Each year, all rental units in Kent must be registered.
  • Registration is free, and is the property owner's responsibility.
  • Inspections for health and safety compliance are required for multi-unit buildings ONLY.
  • No inspections are required for detached single-family homes, mobile homes, condominiums, townhomes or government housing, but registration is still required.

  • Registration is not required for hotels/motels, hospitals, nursing homes, monasteries, convents or correctional facilities.

  • Inspectors will be certified by the City and hired by property owners.

  • Rentals in the Kent Valley and on the West Hill must pass inspection prior to obtaining their 2020 business license. East Hill properties will require inspections in subsequent years.

More details on the program can be found in  Ordinance 4272 and in Frequently Asked Questions.

More questions? Contact Katie Whaley at 253-856-5550.