Water Main Cleaning

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To help ensure your drinking water is safe to drink and of the highest possible quality, the City of Kent conducts water system maintenance that involves the periodic flushing of hydrants and water mains. Water main cleaning is accomplished by inserting a foam cube through a fire hydrant that has been disassembled and pushing the cube with water through a section of the water main and out the exit point through another fire hydrant that has been disassembled. This process removes inorganic build-up on pipe walls and any sediment that may have collected over time.

282nd & 124th 2020 water main cleaningWhen we are preparing to flush water mains in a particular area serviced by the City of Kent's Public Works Water Division, we notify the impacted residents and businesses when it will take place. We will also place sandwich boards out with additional information.

Here’s how you can help prior to the water main flushing: 

  • Draw and store enough water to meet your needs during the temporary interruption.
  • Refrain from using or turning on any faucets during the shutdown.
  • Turning off the energy source to your water heater may help prevent possible damage or problems from the main flushing. If you have a gas hot water heater, this means turning your control to pilot. If it is electric, switch the breaker to off

If you experience any discolored water once your service is restored, try these tips to clear it up: 

  • First, open the outside faucet closest to your water meter and run water until it flows clear.
  • Next, flush a toilet or run cold water into a bath tub until the indoor water is clear. Once the water is running clear, you may resume normal water use.

We regret any inconvenience this temporary interruption may cause, and we appreciate your patience. If you have questions or experience any problems from the flushing, please contact us at 253-856-5600.