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Crosswalk Markings

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Why are some crosswalks marked and others unmarked?

The Kent City Council adopted a policy that determines where crosswalk markings will be installed and maintained. The policy is based on state law, research studies, and public input. 

In general, where are crosswalks marked in Kent?

  • Crosswalks are marked at traffic signals, except where not appropriate for traffic flow.

  • Crosswalks are marked at stop signs where needed to direct pedestrians for traffic flow or safety reasons.

  • At locations without a traffic signal, stop sign, or yield sign, city staff considers the number of vehicles, speed limit, number of lanes, and pedestrian volume to determine whether a crosswalk will be marked.

  • Within the Downtown Area, crosswalks are marked at intersections to encourage pedestrian activity.

  • On school walk routes, crosswalks are marked to guide students.

  • Crosswalks are marked at designated school crossings. 

Do drivers have to stop for pedestrians in unmarked crosswalks?

Yes. According to state law, drivers must stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk regardless of whether it is marked or unmarked.

Where do unmarked crosswalks exist?

State law defines a crosswalk as “the portion of the roadway between the intersection area and a prolongation or connection of the farthest sidewalk line or in the event there are no sidewalks then between the intersection area and a line ten feet therefrom, except as modified by a marked crosswalk.”  

How can I request that crosswalk markings be installed in a particular location?

Residents can make a request; a transportation engineer will contact you and evaluate the location. At some locations, supplemental safety features (flashing lights, extra signs, etc.) may be necessary before a crosswalk can be installed. These locations will be prioritized by city staff. As funding becomes available, high-priority locations will be addressed first.