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Interactive Control Map

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Why are there three different symbols for the control points?

They represent three classifications of points, points with horizontal and vertical components, points with horizontal coordinates only, and points with vertical elevations only. See the legend.

How can I get information on a control point?

When you click on a point an informational popup window appears. It will usually have at least two sets of data, displaying in the order that they are seen in the table of contents. The first will be the top most point. If you click the small arrow at the top of the window you will see the next item, most likely the section that the point is in. There may be more items, if you are on a section line two or more sections will be reported. If there is a nearby control point, it will also be reported.

How can I get a report of the control points that I want to use?

You will have to build it yourself. A good way to do that would be to open a new, blank Word document. In the informational popup select the information you want (selecting all of it at once works well) then copy and paste into the Word doc. Repeat for as many points as you like. Then print it out, save it, email it to your field crew, you have it in a flexible format that you can manipulate easily.

Are there any restrictions on this data or disclaimers for its use?

You will need to use your professional judgment as to how you wish to use the data provided. We supply it with the following disclaimer:

The data being supplied by the City of Kent is for informational purposes only.  The City does not warrant or guarantee that the information is accurate.  Any survey control or highway centerline and right of way calculations must be verified prior to use for staking.  The City accepts no liability for any errors that may exist in the information provided.

How can I get help with this? I am so confused. Call Us!

Steve Shafer, or 253-856-5577

Toby Mollet, or 253-856-5574

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