About the Land Use & Planning Board

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The Land Use and Planning Board (LUPB) holds workshops and public hearings on city codes and ordinances, comprehensive plan updates, and matters typically associated with Long Range Planning functions.  The LUPB's responsibility is to issue recommendations to the City Council, who in turn makes final decisions. 

What happens at LUPB Workshops?

Workshop meetings offer the opportunity for members of the LUPB to hear, discuss, and comment upon informational presentations by staff on planning issues. Workshops are not recorded meetings, and there is no requirement for public comment to be received by the Board in workshops.  However, community members are encouraged to attend these meetings to become better informed about planning issues.

What happens at LUPB Public Hearings?

Public hearings are recorded meetings that offer residents and the LUPB the opportunity to testify about planning issues. After considering staff recommendations and public testimony, the LUPB may choose any of the following:
   1) vote to send a recommendation to the City Council that effectively adopts, amends or denies the staff recommendation;
   2) vote to continue the public hearing to another date; or
   3) vote to send the issue back to a LUPB Workshop.

What's the difference between a 'Memo' and a 'Staff Report'?

Planning staff prepares memos and staff reports for the LUPB, the Planning & Economic Development Committee, and the City Council.  Staff reports differ from memos by providing findings of fact that support staff recommendations regarding land use policies or development regulations.  Generally, memos provide an overview of land use policy issues and background information relating those issues to existing local conditions.

What's contained in a typical Memo or Staff Report packet?

All packets contain an agenda. Minutes from previous public hearings are provided in staff report packets prepared for Board review, amendment and approval at public hearings that follow.  Typically, the remainder of any packet contains the memos or staff reports and associated documents dealing with the issues listed on the meeting agenda.

How Does a Person Get Appointed to the LUPB? 

Any city of Kent resident who is interested in being appointed to the LUPB is invited to submit an application for appointment.  A typical term to serve is 3 years.  The Mayor interviews and appoints board members who are subject to confirmation by the City Council.