World Relief's Letter on President Trump's Refugee Executive Order

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Dear Friends,

We received some difficult news about President Trump’s executive order on Refugees. If you came to the US as a refugee, his new orders do not affect you directly unless you have family or friends who are approved as refugees and expected to travel to the US.

Because there are many different news reports and rumors in the community, we want to provide some clear guidance to help you understand what this means for you and your family.

What President Trump’s Refugee Executive Order says:
• No new refugees can travel into the US for 120 days (4 months) while the US government evaluates its security processes overseas.
• The total number of refugees this year to be resettled to the US will be 50,000 instead of 110,000.
• President Trump has fully stopped the resettlement of Syrian refugees at least for the time being; we do not know if or when he (or a future President) will resume resettlement.
• The order also bans individuals from the following countries for 90 days: Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen. After 90 days, the ban may be lifted for some people.
• Sometime in the next 120 days, the US government will decide to stop resettling refugees in the US from a new list of countries. We will not know which countries until the government makes an announcement.

What this means for refugees in the US:
• Refugees here in the United States are safe and protected by American law.
• Refugee status does not expire, but we encourage all refugees to apply for green cards (after 1 year) and apply to become a U.S. Citizen (after 5 years).
• All nationals of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen should not travel abroad at this time if you do not have US citizenship.  This advice includes those who hold green cards (Legal Permanent Residents).  For non-citizen nationals of other countries, be cautious before you choose to leave the country. Talk with a Department of Justice representative or immigration attorney about your situation.
• If you have family or friends who are refugees trying to come to the United States, do not give up hope that they will come. However, you should prepare yourself for difficult news or for a long delay.

World Relief will continue to watch for any new government changes that affect refugee resettlement. In May, we will share any news about re-opening the refugee program as well as any changes to the list of countries allowed for resettlement.

No matter what happens in the future we continue to stand with refugees and immigrants. We love you, believe in you, and will support and protect you in every way that we can.

World Relief

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