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Project Description:

This project is part of the City of Kent's Green River Levee Improvement Program.  The project includes inspecting the levee along the east side of the Green River and rebuilding or improving the levee as needed.  This levee protects portions of Kent, Renton and Tukwila from flooding.  The Briscoe/Desimone Levee is located along the east side of the river between S. 180th Street and S. 200th Street and connects to other levee segments.  Together, these levees prevent flooding in approximately two-thirds of the Kent valley.  The project includes:

  • Conducting geotechnical inspections to identify areas needing repair
  • Constructing setback flood walls along four sections, or reaches, of the levee that do not meet stability criteria
  • Removing large trees and roots that could cause damage to the levees
  • Removing ivy and other ground cover that can prevent routine inspections
  • Submitting applications to FEMA to certify the levees so properties are removed from the Kent valley floodplains and property owners are no longer required to buy flood insurance.
  • Levee plant mitigation maintenance is on-going.

See a map of the project locations:

Timeline of Events:

October 2011 - Submitted information to FEMA on the proposed levee improvements

2012 - The City of Kent applied for a grant from Washington State for levee improvements.  $7 million was approved by the legislature.

2013 - FEMA will confirm that the proposed levee improvements are adequate to remove Kent valley properties from floodplains

June 2013 - Interlocal Agreement between the City of Kent and the King County Flood Control District for design and construction signed

December 2013 - Advertise Reach 2 and 3 for bids

March 2014 - Interlocal Agreement between Cities of Kent and Tukwila for work on Reach 1 signed

March to December 2014 - Construct Reach 2 and 3 levee improvements

October 2014 - Purchased steel sheet piles for Reach 1

December 2014 - Advertise Reach 1 for bids

February to July 2015 - Construct Reach 1 levee improvements 

July 2015 - Advertise Reach 4 for bids

September 2015 to June 2016 - Construct Reach 4

December 2016 to March 2017 - Install Reach 1 planting and irrigation

March 2017 to February 2020 - Reach 1 irrigation and maintenance

October 2017 to March 2018 - Install Reach 2 and 3 planting and irrigation

March 2018 to February 2021 - Reach 2 and 3 irrigation and maintenance

Estimated Project Cost:

$18 million

Contractor for Reach 2 and 3:

Tapani, Inc.

Supplier for Reach 1 Sheet Piling Supply Contract: 

Skyline Steel LLC

Contractors for Reach 1:

Tapani, Inc. (Levee Construction)

Watershed Environmental Solutions (Mitigation Planting)

Contractor for Reach 4:

Razz Construction, Inc.

Contractor for Reach 2 and 3 Mitigation Planting:

Buckley Nursery Company

Project Engineers:

Ken Langholz

Drew Holcomb

Construction Inspector:

Jason Bryant

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