Kent Police Community Engagement


Kent Police Community Project

In 2016, members of the Kent Police Department held 13 focus groups involving over 100 residents, business owners, and community members. The goal of the focus group was to determine if our department was meeting expectations of our community. What we found was for the most part we were, but we also heard of many areas we can do more to reach out and engage with the public. We have included the final focus group project report along with a summary which includes action items our department will be working towards. 

2016 Kent Police Focus Group Final Report

2016 Kent Police Focus Group Summary of Themes and Action Items

2016-2017 Kent Police Community Engagement Action Plan

Engagement with our community, outreach to the public and working better with everyone is a top priority for our police department. As we continue to implement action items and broaden our work, we will update this website with current information, upcoming events, and even research and trends about policing communities across our nation.

Here is a research brief published in July 2016 which focuses on how to reduce the fear of crime while increasing citizen support.  This report is interesting, timely, and helpful by providing research on how police and community relationships can be enhanced.

July 2016 Research Brief on Community Policing

Here is another article on how the law enforcement job is really a lot about public and community relations. We are trying hard to make every interaction you have with us as positive and relationship building as possible.

Police Work is Public Relations Article

Finally, as your police department, we want to partner with you to enhance two way communication and get your feedback. If you have any questions or comments on these efforts, please contact Chief Ken Thomas at

Stay tuned for more information!