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Mayor Cooke's Last State of the City


Hear as Mayor Suzette Cooke delivers her 2017 State of the City Address at the ShoWare Center


Kent Fireworks Ban


 Fireworks are now illegal in Kent. Here is a public service announcement with all the details


Water Festival 2017


Highlights from this year's fun and educational Water Festival




Free indoor walking at the ShoWare Center. Kent 4 Health's Pam Clark has all the fun details!


Art at Centennial - Chris Heard and Sonya Lang


Check out the latest offering at Kent's free art gallery, Centennial Center Gallery


Spotlight Outreach - Kahulanui


 Hawaiian swing band Kahulanui recently talked and played music with students at Kent Meridian High School


Public Works Week!

Come check out the fun for our Public Works Week fun at ShoWare Center 


Other Fun and Informative Videos About Kent 

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