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What is Kent4Health?

Lead by a group of energized volunteers, Kent4Health promotes free, healthy activities and education that encourages wellness.  

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Meet the Kent4Health Committee Members

Members serve two-year terms

  • Kelly Svennungsen

Kelly is a certified personal trainer and coaches online nutrition and fitness groups. She says,"I love everything about the body from muscles and bones to digestion and how it all works together. My passion is health and my purpose in life is to educate and help others. There is nothing better than to see a person change from an 'I can't' perspective to having a confident 'I CAN' attitude that spreads from only nutrition and fitness to their entire life." 

  • Pauline Shomette
Being a cancer survivor gives Pauline a passion to promote wellness. She brings her event experience with both large organizations and small non-profit to the committee. Pauline is involved with Relay for Life, the Kent International Festival and is a licensed Zumba instructor.
  • Betsy Kirichenko, LPN, UW Medicine/Valley Medical Center

Betsy Kirichenko is a Licensed Practical Nurse and the Community Outreach Coordinator at UW Medicine Valley Medical Center. She is dedicated to spreading awareness of prevention and health to the communities in which she grew up.
  • Dr. Jyotsana Walia

Dr. Jyotsana Walia received her undergraduate medical training in the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences at Wardha, India.  After receiving her Washington Medical License, she practiced Family Medicine, taking care of families as well as individuals.  Now in her retirement, Dr. Walia continues to endorse healthy living in her community through Kent4Health.