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101610 RecEvent Stoverecycling event - march 21, 9:00-3:00

Hogan park on Russell rd.


Start spring cleaning early!  Bring items no longer needed and not easily recycled at the curb to the FREE recycling event!  Bring appliances, tires, batteries, motor oil and antifreeze, bulky yard debris, and Styrofoam.  The big blue truck from Northwest Center will be on site to collect household items in good condition for resale by a charitable organization.  They'll also accept clothing in every condition, even if it's torn, worn or stained - it's not garbage any more!  It can be made into rags, carpet padding, and even insulation!  For more information on this event, see the flyer, or call 253-856-5549.





Rainbarrel, composter & worm bin sale Composting Learning How

march 21, 9:00 am at Hogan park  


These are very popular and sell quickly, so don't be late!  The composters & worm bins cost $25 each.  The rainbarrels cost $30 each.   Never made compost before?   Master Gardener, Spencer Orman, will be on site to show you how!










Taking a load to the dump?

Cover it or pay a $25 fine at the Transfer Station (if you were lucky enough not to get a $260 ticket on the way).  Uncovered materials can get airborne and cause accidents and injuries in addition to littering our streets.  Play it safe - use the $ to buy a tarp and tie-downs instead.  For a great video, visit:  here.









Save $$$, reduce food waste...small Final Yard Waste


Food waste – it’s not garbage any more…  Keeping it out of our area’s last remaining landfill saves space for real garbage and reduces methane, a greenhouse gas far more persistent than carbon dioxide.  Turned into compost, it provides food for plants.  For tips on what you can add to your green cart, visit www.RepublicServicesKent.com.   For information on how to start a backyard composting project, visit http://your.kingcounty.gov/solidwaste/naturalyardcare/compost.asp.   Buy a composter at the Recycled Products Sale on March 21st, at Hogan Park, 24400 Russell Rd. for $25, and never buy compost again!








DSCF3416curbside cleanup week - april 6-10

During this week only, place up to 10 32-gallon equivalent containers of Garbage, and up to an equal amount of Yard Waste, at the curb on your regularly-scheduled Garbage Day at no additional charge (even if it's not your Yard Waste week).  For details, please see the flyer.









Free Recycling App!

Calling all smart-phone users!  Good news!  1-800-Recycling.com, a national data base of recycling vendors now has a FREE App to download for iPhone and Android users.  How cool is that?  Anything you’d ever want to recycle can be found on it.  Just select the material category, and the GPS function will provide a list of vendors in our area that will accept that material.  Check it out!













Approximately 30% of what we throw away consists of things that can go into the yard waste bin. Listed below are steps to help minimize the amount of "garbage" that goes into your cart.  

Throw food scraps away in a convenient kitchen countertop container   

  • Many styles are available and some offer carbon filters to eliminate odors
  • Line the container with a paper or compostable bag for easy carry-out

Collect food scraps and food-soiled paper after a meal and when cleaning out the fridge  

  • Peel spuds right onto yesterday’s news – a couple of pages from a newspaper will do to wrap it up
  • Add in fruit and veggie trimmings, meat, fish, chicken-even the bones, bread, pasta, coffee grounds
  • After dinner, scrape the plates straight into the container
  • Paper towels, napkins, greasy pizza delivery boxes, uncoated (non-shiny) paper plates and cups can go in too

Empty the container into your green yard waste cart 

  • Reduce odors by dumping kitchen container contents into your green cart daily
  • Keep your cart clean by lining the bottom with newspaper and/or layer your food scraps in with your yard waste;  using compostable or paper bags will also help keep the cart clean
  • Add shredded paper with food waste to absorb moisture  
  • Rinse out your cart on a strip of lawn, NEVER DOWN A STORM DRAIN.  Republic Services offers one free cart cleaning per year and additional cleanings cost $8.68 each call 206-682-9735 to sign up for the service.

Worried about odors? Designate a produce drawer or corner in your fridge or freezer to store those “odor ridden” items-generally the raw meats, chicken and fish. Add these items to your green yard waste cart and reduce your garbage, the size of your gray cart and garbage bill.  See flyers for more information.


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