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Property tax

Total property tax is set by the King County Assessor’s Office based on their determination of the assessed value of property and the tax dollars requested by each jurisdiction. Each taxing district in the County gets a portion of the tax which is collected by King County in April and October and distributed to the different jurisdictions.

Under this system, the maximum that Kent could levy is $3.10 per $1,000 in valuation for the General Fund rate. However, for 2009 the City Council has elected to only levy $2.13 per $1,000 this year. Kent has an additional voter approved levy of $.05 for senior housing and public safety bonds, making the total rate for Kent $2.18. Kent's property tax levy rate is the lowest since 1983.

With all jurisdictions added together, the total tax property owners in the Kent School District and the City of Kent will pay this year is approximately $10.81 for each $1,000 in assessed valuation.

Where do your Property Taxes go?

As an example of where property taxes go, property owners in the Kent School District and the City of Kent will pay a total property tax rate of approximately $10.81 per each $1,000 in assessed valuation. On a $200,000 home, the property tax bill would be $2,162 which is distributed the following way:

  • Kent School District $814
  • Washington State $393
  • City of Kent $436
  • King County $220
  • Other $299

Note: Other jurisdictions include the Port of Seattle, EMS Services, Library District, Hospital District, Ferry and Green River Flood District.

Note: The $436 going to the City of Kent includes voter approved levies as well as the General Fund levy. 

Any questions concerning your property taxes can be directed to the King County Department of Assessments at 206-296-5195.