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Sister Cities

Tamba*, Japan 

Tamba is an agricultural community located in the Khogo Prefecture, Hansai region north of Kobe.  The Kent-Tamba relationship spans a period of 40 years. This friendship organization was established initially to promote annual student exchanges.  In 2003 Kaibara joined with 5 adjacent cities in consolidation to form the new city of Tamba.
* formerly named Kaibara 

Sunnfjord Area, Norway

The Sunnfjord area is rich in tradition and culture. The area is home for many artists, handcrafters, folk musicians and dancers.

Yangzhou, China

The ancient city of Yangzhou was settled over 2,400 years ago.  Located northwest of Shanghai in the Yantze River delta, Yangzhou is well known for its fine cuisine, lacquer ware, jade carving, beautiful gardens, lakes and canals.